Identify Letters Of The Alphabet Worksheets

Identify Letters Of The Alphabet Worksheets
In this section we feature worksheets that have students look at find letter paths. This helps them start to understand the use and difference between lower case and upper case letters.

B is for Balloon - Color the balloons with B or b.

Follow the cat! - Draw a line down the path with C and c.

A Ducky Adventure - Circle the animals with D and d.

E is for Elephant - Color the spaces that have E and e.

F is for Frog - Color the all letters F and f.

G is for Ghost - Color the spaces G and g.

H is for Horse - Color the horses with H and h.

I is for Iguana -Color the spaces with I and i green.

Jj Picture - J is for Jaguar.

Kk is For Kite - Circle the letters K and k.

L is for Lion - Color the spaces with l light brown.

M for the Moon - Color the spaces with M and m with yellow.

N is for Nest -Color the spaces with N dark brown.

O is for Octopus - Color the spaces with O pink. Color the spaces with o red.

P is for Pizza - Color all the circles with P and p red.

Q is that? - Color the spaces with Q and q yellow.

R is for Rabbit - Color the spaces with R and r .

S is for Spaceship - Color the spaces with S and s orange.

Uu Maze - Draw a line down the path with U and u.

Xx Treasure - Draw a line up the path with X and x.

Yy Cow - Color the spaces with Y and y brown.

Zz Blocks - Color Zzs red and yellow

Multi Letter Count - Color the spaces with P with pink, b with blue, G with green and y with yellow.