Above or Below Worksheets

Above or Below Worksheets
In this set of worksheets children need to use their concept of above, below, top, and bottom.

Above and Below With Instructions

This is the first of the series. It provides directions for students.

Draw Shapes Above and Below

We ask you to draw everything based on position.

Boys, Girls, and a Happy Face

This one requires you to answer questions based on the position relative to a fun happy face.

Drawing Shapes Above and Below With Directions

Follow the instructions and draw the shapes that are reviewed.

Above and Below Cut and Paste Activity

We have you cut and paste in this three page activity.

Where Am I Worksheet

Circle the position of the animals.

Who Is on the Bottom?

Write the name of the item on the bottom of the pile.

Above and Below It All!

We answer a quick 3 questions.

Who is on the Top?

Who is the King of the Hill? Write the correct name.

Circle the Same

CIRCLE all of the pictures that are like the top.

I Smell a Rat

FIND the rat in each picture, and CIRCLE the picture in each pair where the rat is below an object.

On the Shelf

FIND each book in the picture, and circle the book that is above it on the shelf.