Counting Worksheets For Early Learners

Learning To Count Worksheets
We have one of the largest collection of counting worksheets. They start very basic and progress to advanced skills for pre-addition and subtraction skills.

Counting Areas

Counting 0 to 5- Students work on basic skills by count from zero to five.

Counting 6 to 10- Students work on basic skills by count from six to ten.

Advanced Counting - Skip counting, ordinal sequence, before and after.

Color and Write - Counting with coloring numbers and writing them too.

Count Groups and Sets - Compare sets and groups by the numbers they represent.

Count In Order and Missing Numbers - Match the number sequence and fill in any missing numbers.

Printable Worksheets

Butterflymania - LOOK at each number. CIRCLE the correct number of beetles to match that number.

Juggle! - How many balls is each jester juggling?

MAGIC MATCH UP - DRAW lines to connect the numbers and pictures that go together.

Pears! - How many pears are in each group?

Write the Number - DRAW a line to connect each truck with the right number block.