Common Core Aligned Grade 1 Math Worksheets

Common Core Aligned Grade 1 Math Worksheets
All of the worksheets below are aligned to Core Curriculum Grade 1 Math Standards.

Algebra Related

Standard OA.1

Ice Cream Word Problem - Ice cream goes great with word problems!

Moons & Stars Problem Solving- We go a little solar system on you here!

Making Number Sentences - Great starter word problems for this age level.

Math Story Problem Solving - These questions are a bit more difficult.

Number Sentence Word Problems - Kevin has nine cookies and he just gives them away.

Pet Subtraction Word Problems - Pet always make everything more fun.

Sky High Picture Math - This is a really neat problem. Draw the planes that are described.

Strawberry Picking Math Problem - Melinda and her love for strawberries.

Subtraction Single Digit Sentences - Work with sentences to complete basic operations.

Ten Frames Addition Problems - Sounds like you're heading to the bowling alley.

Using Illustrations to Complete a Word Problem - Candy canes get into the mix.

Using Subtraction to Solve Word Problems - A simple template for solving these types of problems is presented.


Standard OA.2


Mystery Card Word Problems - This is a fun cut and paste activity.

Three Addends Addition Word Problems - Pens, scarfs, and dolls. What more do you need?


Standard OA.3


Addition and Subtraction Fact Families - Make your own fact family.

Associative Property of Addition- A unique method of approaching sums.

Fact Families: Who Belongs? - Circle the fact family.

Grade 1: Associative Properties of Addition - Working with extra guidelines here.

Missing Numbers Mirror Math - Complete the fact families.


Standard OA.5


Addition Within 20 - Simple vertical setups for you.

Three Addend Addition (Horizontal) - This starts to truly challenge kids.

Word Based Find the Difference - We switch from numbers to words.


Standard OA.6

Basic Addition Review Problems - Ten horizontal problems for you.

Counting Down Subtraction Problems - Start high and go low. Like today's stock market.

Counting Up Addition Problems - This is what we want the market to look like.

Horizontal Subtraction Review - Ten simple problems with a different orientation.

Jive with Five Math - We are focused on only using the number five.

Mixed Fact Family Problems - Fact families first start being used at this grade level.

Subtraction Problems Counting Down - Jump on the penguin slide.

True or False Math Problems - Students need to start thinking this way for testing purposes.

Within 20 Fill in Missing Numbers - The start of algebra. This might be tough for many students.


Standard OA.8

Creating Number Sentences - Input two numbers that would result in the given sum.

Find the Missing Link - A neat approach to fact families.

Missing Doubles Addition - Find the missing part of the sum. A step toward algebra.

Solving Number Sentences Within 20 - Find the missing link to the operations.


Numbers and Base Ten Operations

Standard NBT.1

Adding Single Digit Numbers - Use numbers in sentences properly.

Adding Single & Double Digit Numbers - The numbers are a bit bigger here now.

Counting: Fill in the Blanks - Start your counts from random integers.


Standard NBT.2

Pairs of Tens - What two numbers make ten?

Ways to Make 10 - How many ways can you think of?


Standard NBT.3

Compare Double Digit Numbers - We get started with comparisons.

Comparing One and Two Digit Numbers - This is where we might lose a few youngsters.

1st Grade: Greater Than Less Than - The key skill in this section.


Standard NBT.4

Addition Boxes Within 100 - This is "sum" worksheet! Pun intended!

Adding Multiples of Ten - I teach it as skip counting.

Two Digit Addition - A very common set of skills here.


Standard NBT.6

First Grade Subtraction without Regrouping - The regrouping part is key.

Subtraction with Two Digits - This might be a bit advanced for this grade level.

Today's Date - Starting with the concept of days and time.


Measurement and Data


Order Your Desk - What's in your desk?



Standard G.1

Drawing & Solving Shape Riddles - This is a shape game of sorts.

Four Squares Drawing Shapes - Draw every shape that we tell you too.


Standard G.3


Dividing Circles into Equal Parts - Saw away at the circle.

Dividing Rectangles into Equal Parts - Keep your saw sharp. Time to hack away at the rectangle.

Grade 1 Fraction Rectangles - Tell how many part the rectangles are broken into.

Halves and Quarters of Circles - We start to breakdown circles.

Partition Rectangles into Two and Four Equal Shares - Draw lines to cut halves and quarters.