Core Aligned Grade 2 Math Worksheets

Core Aligned Grade 2 Math Worksheets
All of the worksheets below are aligned to Core Curriculum Grade 2 Math Standards.

Algebra Related

Standard OA.1

Solving Addition Word Problems - Pretty simple sum based word problems.

Solving Mixed Word Problems - Work with sums and differences in sentence based problems.

Subtraction Word Problems - We work with numbers up to 650.

Subtraction Word Problems Take 2 - These problems involve money and objects.

Solving Word Problems with Three Addends - Solid word problems to work with.


Standard OA.2



Standard OA.3


Fill in the Blanks; Even Numbers - List the missing even numbers.

Fill in the Blanks; Odd Numbers - Round 2, but this time we're working on odd numbers.


Numbers and Operations


Standard NBT.1


Addition: Hundreds, Tens, Ones - Add by places. This starts a nice strategy for you. You need to regroup these.

Breaking Apart Three-Digit Numbers - Hundreds, Tens, and Ones places.

Challenging Place Value Equations - A nice way to see the place values and their numbers.

Grade 2 Place Value Concepts - Change the place values to integers.

Master Mathematician Place Value Addition - Add by place value. You need to create the integers.

Place Value Addition Problems - Add the places and turn them into integers.

Place Value: Breaking Down Numbers - Place values once again.

Place Value True or False - See if the place values are plotted correctly.

Scrambled Place Value Mixed Review - A really great review of all parts of this skill.


Standard NBT.2


Adding by Ten Blocks - Add 10s to all kinds of numbers.

Counting by Multiples of Ten - Fill in the missing 10 counts.

Mental Math: Add 100 Boxes -It's pay day! Add 100 to everything.

Skip Counting by 5s - Straight counts for you.

Skip Counting by Hundreds - Fill in the blanks.


Standard NBT.3


Converting Numerals to Letters - We get all wordy on you with this one.

Different Ways to Express Place Value - Writing numeric number in expanded form and place value.

Expanded Form Place Value - Kind of a round 2 of this skill.

Translating Words to Numbers - Change the number names in to integers.


Standard NBT.4


Comparing Numbers (to 20) - Greater than, less than, or equal up to 20.

Comparing Groups of Hundreds - Order numbers from greatest to least.

Comparing Hundreds - Order the three-digit numbers greatest to least.

Reordering Three Digit Numbers - Rewrite the numbers from least to greatest.


Standard NBT.5


Double Digit Addition Practice - Vertical problems for kids.

Grade 2 Subtract 10 Boxes - Take 10 away from everything. Feels like tax day!

Single and Double Digit Addition - We vary the digit count.

Three Addend Addition Problems - Adding three- one or two digit numbers.

Two Digit Subtraction Boxes - Using input / output tables.

Vertical Subtraction with Two Addends - Double digit subtraction.


Standard NBT.6


Adding Up To Ten - Vertical addition problems with four digit numbers.


Standard NBT.7


Standard NBT.8

Mental Math - Subtraction by 100s blocks.



Telling Time - MD.C.7

Add it Up - MD.C.8


Standard MD.C.10


Hundreds Whole Number Comparison - More work with data tables.

Take Me Out To the Ballgame - Work on reading data charts.

Using Tally Marks for Data Collection - Use tallies to sum up a class survey for you.