Core Aligned Third Grade Math Worksheets

Core Aligned Third Grade Math Worksheets
Third grade is where math starts to challenge students just a little bit more! It is important that they feel a good level of success here. It will carry over as they advance in grade level.


Using PEMDAS - 3.OA.C.7

Standard 3.OA.D.8 - Working With Data Activities

Box Top Competition - James doubts Andrew, but is he correct?

Card Collector - Jason collect baseball cards in a pattern. Help him solve a problem.

Counting Trucks - Sam sees and loves trucks of all kinds.

Dirty Laundry - Mary does a ton of laundry. She must be a professional clothes washer.

Furry Chipmunks - Kelly and Ava see chipmunks everywhere.

Picture Album - Grace is packing here picture album.

Popcorn Machine - Can the students buy the popcorn machine?

Saving Dimes - Colleen is saving up for some markers. She is showered with dimes.

Sneakers on Racks - John has a bunch of sneakers. How many are there?

Snowman Bulletin Board - Can you fit all of the snowmen on the bulletin board?

Number and Operations in Base Ten