Handwriting and Penmanship Worksheets

Handwriting and Penmanship Worksheets
This is a skill that is completely over looked by the Common Core standards. Many teachers and just people in general would consider this a vital skill. Many employers often cite that they use handwriting samples during the process of interviews.

Letters A to M- We work on penmanship and skills need to complete these letters well.

Letters N to Z- We complete the alphabet at this page.

Fill Letters- This is a finishing activity students work off of a final model rather than being provided stroke guidance.

Letter Shapes - This section has prompts for the handwriting strokes students should use. Students also say words that start with this letter.

Writing Numbers - We work on the numbers zero to 10.

Tracing Skills - Students trace lines, paths, slants, and diagonals.

Number and Letter Traces - Students trace letters and numbers from diagrams.