Core Aligned Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Core Aligned Kindergarten Math Worksheets
All of these worksheets are aligned to the core math curriculum.

Counting & Cardinality

Standard CC.1


Counting By Tens- A nice skip counting activity.


Standard CC.2


Counting Forward to Twenty

Time to work on the basics.

Counting By Ones

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... You get it!

Standard CC.3


Practice Writing Numbers 0-10

Numbers, words, and frogs.

Practice Writing Numbers 11-20

Another copy practice.

Writing Number Words 11-20

Write the words from the numbers.


Standard CC.B.5


Visual How Many? - Count the objects.


Standard CC.C.6


Adding: Making Groups of 10 - Find all the groups of 10.



Operations & Algebra

Standard K.OA.A.2


Beginning Word Problems

The problems are outlined. You just need to determine the operation that is involved.

Crossed Out Math

Find the number sentence that fit the word problem. A great way to start with these.


Standard OA.A.5


Starting Addition

Finger counting time little guys!

Starting Subtraction

Sometimes a tough concept for children.


Measurement & Data

Standard K.MD.A.1


Describing Objects by Weight On A Scale

First scales and then balances.


Standard K.MD.A.2


Comparing Set of Objects

Using taller and smaller with people.


Standard K.MD.B.3


Classifying Objects By Observation

We start using big words like: fewest, least, most, and most.




Standard K.G.A.2


Matching Basic Shapes

Find a match for every shape.


Standard K.G.A.3


Are The Shapes: 2D or 3D?

This is a difficult skill for Kindergartners.


Standard K.G.B.4


Analyze and Compare Shapes

Compare corners and sides.


Standard K.G.B.6


Does This Shape Make Sense?

This takes some visualization.