Finding the Main Idea Worksheets

Finding the Main Idea Worksheets
These worksheets are just like a mini-reading activity. Your goal is to determine the reason that the author wrote the work.

Three Pack of Passages - Bug Assassins, Statue of Liberty, and Basic Skills.

Explain In One Sentence - Astronauts, Barbie, and Pets Main Idea

Passages on Beliefs - Superstitions, Books as a thing of the past, and Big Ben.

Write a Concluding Sentence - All about LEGO building blocks.

Violent Tornadoes - Storms that are out of control. Now I now how ants feel.

Birthstones and Zodiacs - I never knew there was such a thing as "official" birthstones. I always thought they were just made up.

Lewis and Clark - Let's drop a little history lesson.

Fictional Passages - These are all multiple choice.

Skim-able Passages - See if these aren't just a little easier to handle, even though the reading level is boosted.

Common Testing Themes - We see these three topics year in and year out on the National exams.