Planets of the Milky Way Galaxy Worksheets

Planets of the Milky Way Galaxy Worksheets
These worksheets are a nice mix reading comprehension and question sheets. We look at all eight planets and include Pluto and other dwarf planets as well. I arranged them in order from the sun outward.

1a. Planet Mercury Reading Passage - This little guy is super hot!


2a. Planet Venus Reading Passage - A typical day on Venus is equal to a little more than 116 Earth days.


3a. Planet Earth Reading Passage - Our rock. It seems to get hotter every year. Have you seen picture of Venice's high tide?


4a. Planet Mars Reading Passage - The red planet named after the God of War.


5a. Planet Jupiter Reading Passage - Because of the sheer size of Jupiter it has a tremendous amount of gravity. I would way just over 350 pounds on Jupiter.

6a. Planet Saturn Reading Passage - Did you know that Saturn is not the only planet with rings? Saturn's rings are just thicker and easier to see.


7a. Planet Uranus Reading Passage - Did you know that Uranus is the coldest planet in the solar system?


8a. Planet Neptune Reading Passage - The windiest planet in the solar system.


9a. Dwarf Planet Pluto Reading Passage - No longer an official, Pluto is still near and dear to our hearts.


10a. Dwarf Planets Reading Passage - I guess the whole Pluto reclassification makes this more relevant than ever.