Run-on Sentence Worksheets

Run-on Sentence Worksheets
A run-on sentence is a sentence that is usually made up of two completely sentences. In most cases they can easily be corrected by simply adding some punctuation or using conjunctions. We focus on identifying the issues with the sentences and then correcting those situations.

Understanding Simple, Compound, and Run-on Sentences - The focus here is just on identification in sentence form.

Simple, Compound, and Run-on Sentences in Paragraphs - We start to make the transition from just working with sentence to working with three to four sentence paragraphs.

Simple, Compound, and Run-on Sentences Identification - These are very simple sentence. This is probably great for reviewing skills that were already learned.

Simple, Compound, and Run-on Sentences in Full Reading Passages - You will find two passages that need some correction. See how you can make it more understandable.

Avoiding Run-on Sentences - Add some punctuation to bring the life of the sentences together.

Clarifying Run-on Sentences - This is a two part-er that covers similar, but distinct skills.

Editing Paragraphs with Run-on Sentences - I see a great number of commas and semi colons in your future.