Kindergarten Printable Science Worksheets

Kindergarten Printable Science Worksheets
These are our lower level elementary science worksheets. We cover all the major core areas.


Animal Groups - A great way to start the skill of sorting.

Animal Habitat - Color the name of animals and draw a line from the animal name to the matching habitat.

Aquatic Animals! - Aquatic animals are those animals who live under water.

Birds and Reptiles! - Write the name of each bird and reptile.

Habitats! - The place where an animal lives is called its habitat.

It's Living - Plants and animals are living things.

Senses Worksheets - Using Your Five Senses.

Our Five Senses - A couple of sentence fillers for you.

Snails and Wings - Write the name of each bird and reptile.

Mammals! - Connect the dots to find out.

Farm Help - Draw a line from each mother to her baby.

My Home? - Draw a line from each animal to its home.

Living Things

Growth Part 1 - Number the pictures from 1 to 6 to show how a plant grows.

Growth Part 2 - Number the pictures from 1 to 6 to continue the series from previous page.

Labeling Living and Non-Living Things - Cross it out, if it is not alive.

Parts of a Plant - A diagram and a few multiple choice questions for you.

Parts of a Tree - From the canopy to the roots.

Plants! - Plants are living things.

Science Quiz Grade Level K - All the vocabulary words that kindergartners need to have before they move on.


Our Earth! - Color the land brown. Color the water blue.

Wear It! - Different type of weather need different types of clothes.

Seasons! - There are four seasons. Look at each picture.

Name The Seasons - Write the names of the seasons.

Cut and Paste Clouds - Perfect visuals for learning about clouds. You might need to go color on this one.

Identifying Seasons Cut & Paste - More picture associations for kids to work with.

Matching Months to Seasons - Which month falls under which season. The answer key is for the Northern Hemisphere.

Matching Storms and Severe Weather - A picture really is worth at least 6 words.

Measuring the Wind - Reading weather vanes is really a lost art.

Recycle! - People use lot of paper, bottles and cans. We can reuse these things again by recycle them.

Weather - Draw lines to match the types of weather to the correct scenes.