First Grade Science Worksheets

1st Grade Science Worksheets
This is where science really starts to enter the classroom and children start asking more questions.

Earth Day Facts - Great to have a few weeks before Earth Day.

Food Chains - We introduce producers and consumers.

Living and Non-living Things - We give you a word bank and ask you to label what is alive.

Matching Landforms - We focus on learning these landforms : Canyon, Cave, Continent, Desert, Island, Mountain, Peninsula, Plain, Swamp, Valley.

Measuring Precipitation - Everyday skills that are helpful to work on.

Rain Gauge Measurement - How much rain is there in each gauge?

Reading Temperatures from a Thermometer - We found all types of different thermometers for you to read.

Recording Weather Data- Give us the 10 day forecast.

Storms and Severe Weather - A little true-false for you.

Types of Clouds- Time to take a look up at the sky.

What's the Temperature? - This focuses on the standard thermometer.

Grade 1 Science Vocabulary Quiz - This important words you will find for this level.