Second Grade Science Worksheets

2nd Grade Science Worksheets
This grade level is mostly focused on life science. Our worksheets will reflect that.

Bones in Our Bodies - You will find some science slang in here.

Classifying Stars - This goes great with lessons on positional relationships.

Food Chain Fill in the Blanks - You have to appreciate the food chain.

Locating Constellations - We get a ton of compliments on this one.

Seeds, Fruits, and Plants - A little matching worksheet for you.

The Bones in our Hands - There are 27 of them. Let's break them down.

The Lifecycle of a Butterfly - Label the stages for us.

The Lifecycle of a Frog- A another labeling and matching sheet in one.

The Solar System and Planets - Where have you gone Pluto?

Grade 2 Science Vocabulary Quiz - Some surprising words that were in the grade 4 curriculum got moved to this level. Darn Core Curriculum!