Find Shapes In The Picture Printable Worksheets

Find Shapes In The Picture Printable Worksheets
In this set students find shapes in the context of a picture of series of pictures.

Hide and Seek - HOW many of each shape can you find in the picture? WRITE the number next to each shape.

Load the Truck - DRAW a line to connect each truck with the right loading dock.

Finding Squares - How many squares did you find?

Finding Circles - How many circles did you find?

Finding Triangles - How many triangles did you find?

Finding Rectangles - How many rectangles did you find?

Finding Ovals - How many ovals did you find?

Finding Diamonds - How many diamonds did you find?

Finding Stars - How many stars did you find?

Rectangles and Ovals Oh My! - Give us a shape count!

Color and Label Shapes - Label shapes with colors and letters of the alphabet.

Shape Counts - Students count a series of shapes.