Printable Halloween Worksheets

Printable Halloween Worksheets
Tons of printables for the spooky season. We also have Halloween scavenger hunts and coloring pages for kids too.

Don't Cross The Line Game - Connect all the Halloween items without crossing any lines.

Halloween Fun Reading Passage - A fun reading passage with multiple choice questions that follow below.

English Language Arts Related

Fun Multiple Choice Questions - Related directly to the reading passage above.

Free Response and Writing Activity - Goes with the reading passage as well.

Missing Letters Game - Can you figure out the spooky and haunted vocabulary words?

One Scary Night! Mad Lib - A fun mad lib to read or write.

Starts With... A to Z - Write words that are related to theme throughout the alphabet.

Word Ladder - This is a very neat activity.

Word Scramble - Unscramble the words.



Math Related

How Many Lollipops Are There? - Figure out how many Lollipops are on top of each other.

Math Puzzle - Can figure out what numbers are missing?




Car Scavenger Hunt Bingo - Got a long ride to trick or treat? Get them started with this.

Costume Bingo - Students learn to write proper capital and lower case letters.

Game of Dots - Students determine the letters that begin or end a word.

Halloween Gameboard - Make a game out of anything in seconds.

Halloween Mad Libs - A fun activity for both kids and adults.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids - If it's raining, this is a life saver.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids - If the neighborhood runs out of candy, this might be a life saver for you.

Pin the Face On The Monster - A spin on the Donkey's tail.

Raffle Tickets - Theme related cut out raffle tickets.

Scavenger Hunt for Adults - A little inappropriate, but we took it down and many people were disappointed.

Themed Hangman - Learn some vocabulary with this activity.

Tic Tac Toe - With a zombie theme.


Brain Teasers

Brain Teasers - Some really fun ones for you. They stumped me when I first saw them.

Halloween Trivia - We didn't make this stuff up.

Maze - Help the trick or treater to get to the candy.

Sorting Game - Some people call it "Memory" or "Concentration".

What's the Difference? - Can you tell the difference between the two pictures?


Coloring Pages

Haunted House Coloring Page - A nicely drawn haunted house.

Pumpkin with Witch Hat Coloring Page - A nicely shaped pumpkin.

Trick or Treat Coloring Page - A ghost asking for some candy.

Witches Brew Coloring Page - Stirring the caldron for the big day.