Printable Hanukkah Worksheets

Printable Hanukkah Worksheets
A bunch of helpful worksheets to help you better share the Jewish traditions.

Celebrating Hanukkah Reading Comprehension - Learn more about the Festival of Lights.

English Language Arts Related

Menorah Math and Reading Practice - This one requires you to follow the directions in order to solve the math problems properly. Take about reading for purpose.

Hanukkah Mad Lib Worksheet - Work on your parts of speech.

Hanukkah Word Search - This is a bit more in depth.

Learning about Hanukkah Research - Do a few searches to help you with this one.

The Story of the Menorah - Learn about Menorahs.

When is Hanukkah? - Why is not always on the same date?

4 Questions About The Torah - More Internet research for you.

What's Wrong and What's Right? - Time for some critical thinking with this one.

Making It Last! Writing Prompt - It's what Hanukkah is all about.

8 Days and Nights - A little basic introduction for you.



Math Related

Hanukkah and Fact Family (8 and 9) - Work with numbers that relate to the holiday.

Hanukkah Multiplication and Division - Products and quotients for you.

Kiddush Cup Math - Which operations make 8?

Menorahs and Cardinal Numbers - This is a really great activity for this skill.

Shapes and the Menorah - A little geometry, anyone?


Coloring Pages

Large Balanced Menorah Coloring Sheet - Slightly nontraditional rocking the 7 candles.

Menorah Coloring Sheet - Color and write the word.

Old-School Menorah Color Sheet - How did they not burn down their homes in the old days?

The Meaning of Hanukkah - A simple little lesson.