Printable Winter Season Worksheets

Printable Winter Season Worksheets
This season usually begins in late December and ends mid to late March. The coldest season of the year. We try to offer up some good fun for you.

Winter Reading Comprehension - I had to do a little research for this one.

Winter Multiple Choice Questions - Questions to go along with the above passage.

English Language Arts Related

Over the Hill Idioms - This was a fun idiom sheet I put together all inspired by the picture on the worksheet.

Winter Mad Lib Worksheet - Who does not love mad libs? The parts of speech have never been so much fun.

There Are No Two Alike - The chances that you will ever be near two exactly alike snowflakes is slim. What else is one of a kind?

How to Build a Snowman - Write detailed directions on how to build a snowman so that someone who has never done it can.

Bundled Up Writing About Being Cold - Remember the last time that you were really cold.

Winter Grammar and Writing Activity - Make up your own story that includes five plant winter related items.

Winter Hangman Game - Great for vocabulary practice, but use a snowman instead.

Skating Around Town - Follow and explain a map of John's movements skating around his town.

The Parts of Speech and Winter Grammar - This is a great review of the parts of speech all themed to the season.

Snowed In - What would you do if you knew the storm of the century was headed your way?

The Life of a Snowflake - Bring life to a snowflake's travels in this writing prompt.

What's So Special About Winter? - 3 of your favorite and least favorite things about winter.

Winter Word Search - Find some winter related words.



Math Related

Catching Snow - Interpret a data chart that tracks the number of snowflakes that you caught with your tongue.

Adding and Subtracting Through the Moguls - Basic two digit addition and subtraction.

Old Man Murphy and Winter Math Sheet - Math word problems all inspired by Old Man Murphy. He was a grumpy man from the neighborhood I grew up in.

Directions for Migrating For Winter - A little science and math in one.

Winter Word Problems - These are all basic skills problems.


Coloring Pages

Bundled Up Snowman Coloring Page - A snowman that is ready for the season.

Frosty Coloring Page - Give Frosty some some color.

Figure Skates Coloring Page - Simple and plain.

Hat and Mittens Coloring Page - Some winter accessories for you to color.

Pond Skating Coloring Page - Lola is skating on the pond.

Sledding Coloring Page - Carrying the sled right back up the hill.

Snowfall Coloring Page - Matt is catching snow that is falling near his window.

Snowman Coloring Page - A skating snowman.

Winter Scene Coloring Page - Would you know it, another snowman.

Wintery Scene Coloring Page - A nice picture of a snowy home.