Letter Themed Maze Puzzle Worksheets

Letter Themed Maze Puzzle Worksheets
Your basic maze based around the theme of a letter of the alphabet. These can be great tie-ins for letter work.

Awesome B and D- Help the dog find the bone.

Double C - Help the cat find the castle.

Duck to Dinosaur D - Help the duck find the dinosaurs.

Enormous E - Help the elephant find the eggs.

Fun For F - Help the fox sneak into the farm.

Ghostly G - Help the ghost find the golfer.

Happy H - Help the horse get back to the herd.

Incredible I - Help the iguana find the igloo.

Jumping J - Help the jaguar find his meal.

Kicking K - Help the kittens find the kite.

Leaping L - Help the lizard find the lion.

Moonstruck M - Help the mermaid swim to the moon!

Noble N - Help the nightingale find the nest!

Outrageous O - Help the otter find the Octopus!

Queen Q - Help the queen find her quill.

Roaring R - Help the rabbit cross the river!

Soaring S - Help the spaceship get to the star!

Topple T - Help the turtle climb up the trees!

Valuable V - Help the vulture find the rat!

WOW W - Help the wizard find the whale!

Xanthous X - Help the snake find his X-ray!

Yummy Y - Help the yak find the yarn!

Zooming Z - Help the baby zebra find his mother!

Y and Z Maze! - Help Y and Z find their lunch.


Escape! - Help the deer to escape from the lion!

Extra Trail Ride! - Help the cowboy catch the train.

Farmer! - Help the hens to reach the farmer.